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We, the Arcturian
We, the Arcturian

We, the Arcturian's. Betty Rice, Cynthia Ploski, Norma J. Milanovich

We, the Arcturian's

ISBN: 9780962741708 | 348 pages | 9 Mb

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We, the Arcturian's Betty Rice, Cynthia Ploski, Norma J. Milanovich
Publisher: Athena Publishing

Http:// As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan by Yesika Pleiadian on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 8:56pm. Arcturians are working with the military establishment. Greetings, beloved friends, we are the Arcturians, here with an important segment on the nature of time and space alternate realities. The Circle of Arcturians that you are communicating with exists purely in energetic form. Arcturians: Standing up for Your Future. The Arcturians On Alternate Timeline Dynamics Through Sal Rachele. The Arcturian Stargate Juliano, the Arcturians and Archangel Metatron through David K. The Arcturians do not eat like we do, but rather consume positive forms energy. All jobs occupations and tasks are designated by that individual's spiritual journey. Living beyond time, which is closing the infinite loop of time, is a vital component to personal and planetary ascension. Galactic Federation Of Light The Arcturians August 19 2011 We come with the language of light that is the LOVE that IS to support and guide ALL at this ti. What they're interested in is working with us. Betty Rice, Cynthia Ploski, Norma J. Arcturus says, “We're not proud, we'll work with anybody!” They don't like being put on a pedestal. ISBN: 9780962741708 | 348 pages | 18 Mb. We the Arcturians and myself, Mytre, are helping you to remember how to live beyond time. The entirety of the Arcturians life purpose is for spiritual development. Pleiadians have up to 9th dimensional abilities though we are not as active as Arcturians are on this planet. We do travel in ships that are made of light, pure light.

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